Optimize your growth strategy and develop tactical plans in real time

How are measuring your success?

Every sales manager can quickly gain pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncover opportunities to grow the business.

Provides actionable recommendations that can deliver tangible results

Learn more about your customers by bringing all of your data together so everyone in your organization can explore, gain intelligence, and inform strategies to increase business performance.


Identify requirements, gather relevant data, adapt to process and infrastructure to support the opportunity


Make sure your executives are engaged with IT actively throughoout


Take advantage of pre-build alogorith and services to get meaningful information from existing data

Key Benefits

Web Activity Tracker

Understanding how prospects navigates through your website is critical to refining and optimizing your relationship with prospects. With a web activity tracker, you can determine which pages or assets on the site trigger certain actions, such as drop-off, trial downloads, purchase, etc.

Improve Lead Quality

Improve lead data quality and assignment by enriching data with details like company revenue, industry code, location, demographics, and more

Campaign Effectiveness

Accurately measure campaign effectiveness by pinpointing key factors behind a win or a loss. Measure the effectiveness of ads and justify the cost of the marketing efforts

Snapshots for Performance Analysis

Snapshots historical data views at different pre-defined periods. Analyze metrics that provide insight into improving performance, such as time to lead assignment, time lead was contacted, when lead was disqualified, and reason for disqualification.

Booking Social was a gamechanger for us. We are able to quickly setup website, manage appointments, track sales in no time. It’s an indispensable platform for us to listen to the voices of our customers.
Rajesh - CEO, Medreach

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Features and Benefits


Understand your users on a whole new level. See customer behavior, channel performance, and much more in robust reports and dashboards.


Your enterprise needs are complex, but that doesn’t mean your analytics solution should be. Our intuitive user design makes key metrics accessible so they are useful for everyone.


Our data driven attribution tool allows you a view digital channels, campaigns, and people matrix that perform best — so you can make better decisions and improve marketing effectiveness.


Thanks to our secure and reliable global infrastructure, your team will have all the support needed to deploy and manage a powerful solution.


View and analyze your marketing and customer insight data to understand how customers behave on your sites. Analyse makes it easy to use customer insights to drive marketing performance.


Our cross-platform integrations products give you a complete view of interactions across the customer journey. Enjoy a unified view of all of your data in ways that better reflect your business.