No-Show’s: Taking it out of our dictionaries

  Research and experiences in the past have proved that maintaining a personal relationship with the patients and educating them on the hospital losses had always helped in reducing the no-shows to a certain extent. Few of the strategies includes sending birthday or holiday cards and assigning nurses for specific patients to work with. But Read more about No-Show’s: Taking it out of our dictionaries[…]

Customized health care with patient engagement solution

Considering the ongoing and rapid change occurring in healthcare industry, patient engagement systems are necessary to meet new standards for quality improvement in health care. A patient engagement solution informs and engages patients in their healthcare process. People pay more attention and become more engaged in their health and medical care when they have easy Read more about Customized health care with patient engagement solution[…]

Employee collaboration for greater success

“Share the right information to the right people at the right time for greater success”   Business world is getting more engaging and collaborative at a rapid pace with new progressions in technology. Engaging business are getting more success and continuous growth. Setting Expectation The principal behind the success of each and every service industry depends Read more about Employee collaboration for greater success[…]

Steps to improve employee productivity

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”   Implement time recording Time sheets helps in understanding productivity and current utilization. Time sheets lets to to identify utilization rate and helps you to take necessary action when it falls behind. Define appropriate variables If you sell services you will want to measure chargeable utilization, ensure you define Read more about Steps to improve employee productivity[…]

What Is Professional Service Automation – A Guide To The World Of PSA

  Irrespective of the field you belong in your professional life, you always look for some easy solutions. As a company owner or the member of a team you try to find out software or applications that can make your job easier, smarter, faster and smoother. This is the reason the demand for Professional Service Read more about What Is Professional Service Automation – A Guide To The World Of PSA[…]