What Is Professional Service Automation – A Guide To The World Of PSA


Irrespective of the field you belong in your professional life, you always look for some easy solutions. As a company owner or the member of a team you try to find out software or applications that can make your job easier, smarter, faster and smoother. This is the reason the demand for Professional Service Automation or PSA is very high in the modern world. There are lots of things that you should know, about PSA and its application before you start using the same.


What Does Professional Service Automation Mean?
Well, this is a software system that is specially developed for the professional companies that prefer to make their professional life less hectic and easier than before. The professionals like lawyers, IT consultants, doctors and accountants can get assistance regarding managing their client’s projects as well as the resources on a daily basis. The main aim of this software is to help them in providing and managing their services as well as resource management as per the requirements of their individual client-based projects.


To manage the core business process of these professionals and reduce the chance of making errors and keeping the records safe and accurate this application is proved to be the best one till now. It can easily improve the overall business process and efficiency of the business as well as the individual professional. Thus, that makes the entire business management an easy process for all these professionals. With the passing course of time, PSA has evolved a lot, and from a basic system of keeping a timesheet, it becomes something more integrated and comprehensive that is also suitable for CRM or customer relationship management as well as the accounting system of business.

Some Of The Core Process That Comes Under PSA

Professional Service Organisations or PSOs work in a structure which is matrix-type. You can have individuals in your office who work as a team to solve a certain issue in business. Each of these teams has certain responsibilities, targets and work process. They work to provide multiple services at multiple locations and need to prepare reports for those services daily as well.

To manage this entire work process PSOs have to take care of some core processes, such as:


  1.  Service Operation Management:  Managing each of the services with the details of the clients, their requirements, delivery date, type of the project, the number of the team members and many other things come into this process. Here you need to create and edit the tasks as well as manage the schedules for each of the services so that you can maintain them all in a faster manner.
  2. Payments And Bill Management: Managing the payments and bills for each of these projects is also necessary. You need to keep track of the rate of the projects, payment mode, due date, and the paid amount as well as the bills that you have already submitted to the clients or the ones that are under process.
  3. Resource Management: To make the services successful you need to choose the best resources. That means you need to pick the best employees of your company who are most suitable for the job and can handle the matter with experience and skill. This can be understood by the records of their performances while providing various services to the clients. The companies may need to recruit new people to the team and utilize the existing talent pool to make their services successful.
  4. Time And Expense Management: You need to keep a record of the time and expenses for each project. PSA can help you to keep track of the time you invest in every project and the money you have to spend for the same.
  5. Lead Capturing: With the help of PSA the companies can capture new leads in businesses as well. They can manage the data that offers them the name of the prospective clients that can be converted into sales.

What Are The Industries That Deploy PSA?
PSA can be used by any industry that needs to keep an accurate and updated record of all the projects and resources along with their success rates done by them. There are some industries where you can find an excessive use of this software all over the world.
●    Business Consulting
●    Hospitals, clinics, healthcare service provider
●    Beauty, Spa
●    Field service management
●    Financial services
●    Home care service
●    IT project management
●    All professional service


All these industries try to deliver their services in a flawless manner to make the clients happy and build a strong relationship with them. With the help of PSA, they can enhance their efficiency and keep their commitment.


Why Use PSA?
There are reasons for using PSA in PSO or any other profession. You can get a lot of help in business development when you use PSA in a perfect manner.

1. Improved Customer Experience: You can achieve an improvement in customer experience when you deploy PSA in your core business process. Your customers can experience a rapid delivery every time. Moreover, the error rates will reduce and that make your projects perfect for the clients.
2. Improve Productivity: As a professional, you always want to improve your productivity. The successful use of PSA can help you to make your entire team more productive, and that affects your annual profit.
3. Speed Of Business Is Increased: Since you can manage every process of your business easily and quickly with the help of PSA that makes it possible for you to increase the speed of your business. You can achieve your goals faster than ever.


What Type Of Businesses Can Get The Maximum Benefits Of PSA?
Organizations that work on billable projects can get the maximum benefits of this software and its advanced features. It can help you to prepare the monthly bills and revenues in an accurate manner and keep a record of all of them.
It is also useful for the business that runs on various projects and experience clients’ feedbacks accordingly.

There are services that are more customer-centric like spa, doctors, gym and/or lawyer. In these fields you can see individual person managing professional services in multiple locations.

What Are The Best Things You Can Achieve Through PSA?
When you include a new software application in your business with an aim of achieving something better and smarter, then you must check how your demands can be fulfilled by the same. With PSA you can achieve some things that are very important in every business.

  • You can manage your daily services easily by eliminating errors and reducing the time.
  • You can optimize resources and ensure the efficiency of the team.
  • You can achieve stronger margins by improved reporting system along with greater visibility process.

With the passing course of time, the demand of PSA is augmenting every day. The reason is PSOs find it highly effective for their business. They can ensure a rapid growth and increase the number of successfully managed projects as well as happy clients. Hence, it can be expected that within next few years we will be able to see some more features added to this software to make it more robust and result-driven as per the expectations of the users. You can gain complete control over your projects and determine their future with the help of Professional Service Automation. You need to identify the objects and requirements of your organisation to select the best PSA for your business.

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