No-Show’s: Taking it out of our dictionaries


Research and experiences in the past have proved that maintaining a personal relationship with the patients and educating them on the hospital losses had always helped in reducing the no-shows to a certain extent. Few of the strategies includes sending birthday or holiday cards and assigning nurses for specific patients to work with. But is this just enough? There are a lot more that can be done in this modern world to reduce no-shows in medicare industry.

Mobile Text Messaging


Everyone uses a mobile phone today which makes text messaging one of the best ways to remind patients of their hospital appointments. Text messaging is a simple yet the most efficient way to communicate with patients. Even when people are at work, text reminders fulfill its purpose without being a nuisance. Text message’s has been the most frequently used and effective interface to communicate with the patients.

Reminder phone calls

Automated calls can ensure better patient attendance and save resources and time. With Booking Social’s automated voice reminders, hospitals do not have to use up their staff for taking care of appointments. This is very helpful on extremely busy days when you need all your staff to attend to other important work in the clinic. Another advantage of automated calls is that it can be made even during the evening when people are not at work. This gives them the opportunity to change appointments immediately in case of any inconvenience.

E-mail reminder

Since e-mail reminders are also automated it is also a cost-saving means for reducing no-shows. Since they can be delivered automatically there is no need for utilizing any staff. E-mail reminders have shown to reduce no-shows to a significant extent.

Online Patient Portal with Mobile Support

World is more moving towards mobile and internet, people don’t have time to call and book appointments. Having such manual methodologies for appointments is a highly tedious job with facilities operating only during a specific time in the day. Making the appointment online with mobile encourages patients to just book at their ease. This helps them understand the time slots available and book them accordingly.

Punctuality Score

Based on the history of no-shows and the short-notice appointments, Booking Social can generate a score for patients which inturn can help practice to change their patient engagement strategies(ex, giving incentives for not being late, gift card draw for patients who show-up on time etc..).

Followup with missed appointments

Make sure that everything is okay with the patient, even patient missed appointment. Email or text messages are the most noninvasive way to reach out patient. Also mention that caregiver was waiting for you during the appointment and offer option to reschedule their appointment. That way, you create a personal touch so the patient won’t skip the next appointment.

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