Steps to improve employee productivity

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”


Implement time recording

Time sheets helps in understanding productivity and current utilization. Time sheets lets to to identify utilization rate and helps you to take necessary action when it falls behind.

Define appropriate variables

If you sell services you will want to measure chargeable utilization, ensure you define variables that enable you to measure utilization and productivity that is applicable to your business.

Improve your planning

Resource deployment upfront not only improves utilization and productivity of future resources but also gives your health of organization by comparing it with actual versus planned.

Analyze results

Analyzing the curated data across departments, locations, roles and skill sets will highlight issues with your business structure. You can choose any metrics to analyze, but it is important to maintain an open view point. We can even measure effectiveness of your planning, the status of deliverable, performance of project leaders and much more.

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