5 Must-Have Features for scheduling software for professional service

Service delivery is tough; make no mistakes about it. With so many variables to control, and so many factors that can make your calculations go awry, a service provider needs the support of top class, power packed, and feature rich digital tools to keep the business on track. Among the trusted tools of a successful professionals are scheduling software that help in planning, monitoring, tracking, booking, and reporting, apart from giving the professional service provider invaluable confidence of having complete visibility of how the thousands of different parts of the business are moving together in sync. Now that you’re looking for one such enabling scheduling software package, here are 5 features you just can’t do without.

  1. Real-Time Scheduling

The best scheduling software out there are ones that allow you to create schedules in a jiffy. Right from intuitive dashboards and editor screens to option such as copy/paste of existing tasks, drag and drop, and templates – advanced scheduling software have it all. Cloud based scheduling software even allow you manage bookings on the move, via Android, Windows, and iOS compatible applications. Scheduling software helps you with real time planning by giving you clear visibility on availability of resources, their time zones, planned holidays, and peak times. By showcasing available timings for reservations and bookings, you can enable your prospective clients to plan head and book an available slot. Scheduling software also allow you to share business updates.

  1. Appointment Reminders

Missing a client appointment or a planned meeting is a strict NO NO for the professional, and scheduling software jump in to make this unflinching punctuality a reality. Advanced scheduling software can trigger SMS and email, apart from pop ups and mobile notifications to make you aware of upcoming events, and approaching meetings. The ideal scheduling software package must allow you to set customizable rules and criterion to manage reminders and notifications in an optimum manner. These software packages keep you aligned with your bookings in a non obstructive manner.  Appointment reminders go a long way in reducing the impact of no shows for your business.

  1. Follow Up Appointment

Professional servicemen can benefit a lot from automation of follow up reminders for their clientele. Scheduling software can be used to organize and manage follow ups with periodic emails, rule based interactions, prompts for re-booking, and even intelligent promotions. With dashboards, statistics, and campaign reports, you can leverage your scheduling software for completely automating follow ups.

  1. Customer Data

Scheduling tools accumulate important customer data and integrate it with the CRM application you use. This transforms into a valuable digital asset for service providers, where the scheduling tool’s data feeds back to the CRM. This also keeps the customer information secure. These tools allow you to record customer and service information in an organized manner, which can then be accessed later on, any time.

  1. Feedback And Review

It’s amazing how scheduling software help you with vital business data. For instance, you’d want the leverage of inviting feedback, ratings, and reviews on the services you deliver. Scheduling software allows you to integrate bookings, follow ups, and feedback, helping you control the entire service delivery lifecycle like a pro.

Scheduling software has grown past being mere record keepers and planners; contemporary scheduling packages enable you to manage every aspect of service bookings, and all follow up actions. Grow your service business like a boss, leveraging scheduling software.

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