Service Business: How to capture appointment request from website


As a service professional, we’re sure you understand the importance of having a stellar website to promote your services to the masses. Also, at the end of the day, the one business goal that you want your website to fulfil is to bring more appointments. Now, conventionally, most service professionals and service website consultants settle for a ‘contact us’ page and hope that the website design, offline reputation of your service, and the website content will combine together to get the audience to call you and book an appointment.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the website visitor, and ask yourself – Will I prefer calling a contact number and engage in a dialogue with the service provider? Or would I rather click a button or two, specify a suitable time, and book an appointment right there? Of course, you’d prefer booking the appointment directly, without any need to call anybody and ask for available slots.


The big question, then – How do you Capture More Appointment Requests Right from the Website? Let’s explore the answers.


Clearly List Your Services
Remember, any degree of uncertainty you let breed in the minds of the audience, will decrease the chances of them making an appointment from your website. So, enlist all your service packages clearly, with details of all that you include, and ideally, the pricing as well. If you offer free consultations first up, mention so in bold letters, to inspire more appointments.

Clearly Provide Details of Business Hours and Available Slots

Updating your service availability is a key to fostering trust and great reputation for your website as an appointment booking portal. To achieve this, it’s imperative that you clearly outline your working hours, for weekdays and weekends. Also, clearly declare the working time slots, break hours, etc. so that any person using your website’s booking engine can get the right slot.

Maintain Healthy Data
Strike the perfect balance between brevity of the booking form, and extent of data you want to capture from the customer. To make your website’s booking option successful, you might want to organize data of existing clients, and create a database where new clients’ information will be stored. Over time, you will thus own a valuable database of information.

Send SMS Confirmations

To drive trust and confidence, follow up the booking with an SMS that contains the booking ID, the date and time slot, and payment details (if relevant). This SMS helps make the booking transaction appear certain and reliable for the user, and works as a record keeping entry for you.


Final Words

You got it – contact us forms are a thing of the past. What works now is a cool appointment booking widget accessible right on your website’s home page, which is regularly updated, to showcase available booking slots for the website visitor. Whether you own a restaurant, or running a salon, or offering dental care, you can significantly improve the appeal and functionality of your service website by adopting an appointment booking functionality for it, and adopting these strategies to maximize its effectiveness.

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