Thanks to Booking Social for increasing work efficiency by 25%


Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre was established in 2002. Since the very beginning, the centrehas strived and achieved to become one of the most revered and recognized skin clinics and anti-aging centres in Melbourne. All the accomplishments and milestones set are to be attributed to the perseverance of Dr. Shobhana Singh who heads a versatile team of accredited professionals.

The range of professional services at Nitaiincludes:

  • Facial rejuvenation (using Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Filler injections
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Skin Needling, Fraxel and CO2 laser)
  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Acne scarring, Laser Hair removal
  • Laser treatments for Skin pigmentation such as Melasma Rosacea
  • Sclerotherapy (treatment of leg veins)
  • Skin Cancer Therapy
  • Facial treatments likeMicrodermabrasion
  • Skin Peels and more


In an effort to manage their Customer Appointments, Nitaihas beenusing software built on .NET. Being a locally-run system, functioning offline, it left no room for online appointment booking. Also, dissatisfied by thefallible conventional methods that demand constant manual management, Nitai was craved for finding a software that enhances the overall work efficiency, saves time, offers ease of booking appointment, and improve customer satisfaction on the whole.

Imagine, for all the 80 different services and over 1,500 appointments month on month, Nitai only has meagre 5 staff members to manage! They are of course, not superhuman to man up to do the hard yards.


Nitai implemented many different methods to handle the operations. Nevertheless, none of it worked up. These required vigilant observation and manual intervention at every stage.

A resource had to pass on the data from one stage to the other to make a progress. Say, recently in February 2017, a customer had called requesting for appointment for Skin Needling Consultation. Unaware of the Practitioner’s availability, Nitai attendee requested for a follow-up call so that she could inquire and update the availability. The poor attendee couldn’t make it because she could neither reach the customer, nor did the customer dialed again. This is truly evident of the inefficient functioning.


Nitai’s search for a reliable and ‘complete’ Professional Service for automatic process management had taken it to Booking Social through Salesforce. Instinctive about the promising features and services offered, Nitaisettled to go with our services.


Regardless of the kind of business, Booking Social provides cutting-edge professional service automation application. Booking Social integrates Salesforce CRM to provide sophisticated scheduling solutions to small and medium scale businesses. Customers enjoy absolute ease of Lead Management, Identify the journey of leads, conversion rates and more.

Nitai employees could heave a sigh as Managing appointments and meetings, interviews and calls were made completely automated. Imagine, when there is a system to prompt you for every essential task of a business process, don’t you think you are going to absolutely cherish the working experience? That is what Booking Social delivers to you. Booking Social is packed with multiple advantages:

  • Improved productivity
  • Automated processes
  • Better results
  • Easy enhanced lead management
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Better collaboration

Our offerings include website booking, gentle reminder before the date of appointment, SMS confirmation of booking/cancellation, history of booking, ease of online payment, simplified lead management process, and lot more.

After a few months of using Booking Social for appointment booking, the Chief Practitioner of Nitai says “Booking Social has drastically improved my business with effective solution to appointment booking. Well, it does not stop with it – I can measure success using customer reviews and deep insights. The marketing effectiveness is evidently seen in Analytics. These have altogether helped me streamline my processes and fine tune services accordingly.


Nitai had bid adieu to all the conventional system, and introduced Booking Social. They have handed over the processes of Lead Management, Appointment booking, and Engagement onto Booking Social. With this, Nitai enjoys automated appointment booking based on available timeslots, ease of keeping track of appointments and their statuses, receive customer feedback and incorporate valuable suggestions to achieve better customer satisfaction.


“This has really escalated my business experience. The no-show rate is substantially reduced and is now 6.4%. The operational efficiency has increased by whopping 25% and staff response time has seen 30% uptick. I’m absolutely overwhelmed to look at the 2.6 times increase in sales -thanks to the campaign effectiveness. The customer reviews we receive are being of great help to hone our business model,” says the Chief.

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