The Critical Success Factor for Client Engagement in the professional Services

Remember the time tested rule of business? Retaining a client is much cheaper than the cost of acquiring a new one. As a professional business, you can’t afford any customer attrition. The big question – how do you make sure that existing prospects and customers remain loyal, become brand advocates, and deliver massive customer lifetime value? The answer, you know it, is customer engagement.

Why is Customer Engagement So Important for Professional Service Providers?

Client engagement is critical to the success and sustainability of a professional service, especially when customers have choice of so many service professionals these days. In almost every professional service, the client bases comprises of individuals from different social strata, demographic and geographical groups, and with different expectations from the service. So, it’s not practical for professional service providers to implement one-size-fits-all customer engagement mechanisms. Without focused attention on aspects such as prospect nurturing, customer experiences, and analytics, it’s easy enough to lose track of what exactly engages clients and keeps them coming back to your business. The solution for professionals – invest effort in customer engagement to ensure they stick to you and come back again.

Adapting to the Customer Engagement Paradigm

At its core, customer engagement is very different from client acquisition and farming. Engagement is, to some extent, also about empowerment. It naturally follows that professional service providers will need to find ways to give active participative roles to customers in the business relationship. Remember, engagement is about meaningful and mutually value adding interaction, and can’t be achieved via conventional one-directional models of interaction. The first step, then, becomes to acknowledge the need to approach client engagement with a fresh mindset. By using engagement options such as appointment booking after your first interaction, you can start building a strong bond with clients.

Client Engagement via Customer Support

Professional service providers have massive opportunities of using case management functionalities to deliver value to customers, and engage them for long term. To create quality engagements, you’ll need to spend time in managing queries from customers and answering them via the engagement tool. Only a small percentage of service professionals offer such organized follow up answers to customer queries and feedback, which makes this case management a great engagement option for you. This also helps you create a massive knowledge base, which customers can refer to and get answers to their queries.

The Power of Community As An Enabler for Engagement

A time tested method of customer engagement is via community and forums, where all your customers can post their experiences, queries, concerns, issues, and reviews. Apart from this, communities allow clients to interact, and allows you to broadcast information to an ever increasing pool of customers. Booking Social’s community software enables you to easily create a community platform. This community platform can double up as a self service experience for your customers. Imagine the treasure of user generated content that the community portal will generate, which you can, of course, leverage in your marketing efforts. Booking Social’s engagement tools let you bring suppliers, distributors, franchisees, partners, and clients on one platform, enabling value adding exchanges, resulting in rich customer engagement.

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