MedReach Case Study: Experiencing the real ease of Online Appointment Booking with Booking Social


MedReach is an easy-to-use online Doctors Appointment Booking Website. It entirely simplifies the process of online doctor appointment booking. With MedReach, users can easily locate doctors in their locale and gain access to timely healthcare services.

MedReach services are particularly of great help for people who are newly settled in an area and unaware of healthcare facilities, those who’re desperately looking for medical assistance from expert practitioners, and people who are too busy to dial the hospital to book doctor’s appointment.

Here is a complete list of all their services:

  • Online doctors appointment booking
  • SMS and Mail notifications to customers and doctors prior to appointments
  • Confirmation of doctors’ availability
  • Online opinion – users can post healthcare queries and get them answered by expert practitioners
  • Online laboratory and diagnostic centre booking


It is highly demanding and tedious to develop a wholesome Appointment Solution Software from scratch. It involves a lot of time, money, effort and energy to create a long-term solution.

As far as MedReach is concerned, the whole bunch of data is utmost confidential, as they are sensitive patient records; this mandates the need for a Safe, and trustworthy system.

There are more than 1,500 doctors on the platform each with their respective work hours (subject to change). This pulls the need for ensuring nil duplication of any kind.

The service doesn’t just stop with appointment booking. It continues on to the multiple other facets of doctor consultation and feedback thereafter: web appointment leads, doctor inquiries, feedbacks about the practitioner or hospital service, and more.

MedReach should also alert its users and Doctors with SMS and Mail reminders for each and every appointment.

Coping with the entire course of task manually is absolutely impossible. There needs to be a one-stop solution that precisely solves and meets these many challenges.


MedReach tried their hands on various trials. While they were able to meet their primary need of online appointment booking, data security, effective working, ease of use, prompt alerts, and other features were questionable. Updating changes in doctor timing or unprecedented modification in availability was too tiresome in such elementary systems. Nothing proved 100% reliable and useful. MedReach kept looking for a wholesome and trusted solution.


Mr. Rajesh, the CEO of MedReach happened to know about Booking Social through Salesforce. The features and reliability of the Professional Service Automation App persuaded him to try their hands with us.


Booking Social is the most sought-after service automation app for all sorts of businesses. Be it a spa, doctors, freelancers, hotels, household services, practitioners or others, Booking Social can make Service Automation possible with 100% reliability, quick implementation, and topnotch customer service.

Ease of implementing, substantial growth in business, enhanced results, better collaboration among team members, etc are some of the features Booking Social is appreciated for.

MedReach could get all their requirements and needs solved and challenges met with Booking Social. To start with, Appointment Booking was enabled. And we included website widget, integrated with CRM, customer data and Visualforce web pages.

The complete setup of Appointment Booking was done within 45 days. The total cost of development was very affordable and was lesser than expected.

Coming on to the technical benefits, first of all, updating the website data was absolutely easy. After setting up the Online Appointment Booking Solution, internal team management was seamless and hassle-free. The entire process of Appointment booking was automated, and a comprehensive Report Generating System aids in monitoring the developments, progress and rectify voids prevailed with MedReach.


“Booking Social has really helped us elevate our business to great levels. We could enjoy whopping 60% increase in monthly booking which is absolutely a huge leap. Our efficiency at work highly increased  and the no show rate has come down to as low as meagre 2%.

Above all, we enjoy improved employee productivity. We get a routine report on Data Insights, and it aids us in keeping track of all appointments received, total number of doctors existing/newly added, enquiries count, and statistics about customer satisfaction and reviews,” says the CEO of MedReach, Mr. Rajesh.

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