Grow your Business Multifold with Simple Social Media Bookings

Social media acts as a contemporary channel to stage your business ideas, thoughts and progresses. It’s certain that the social media paves way for business owners to stay connected with existing customers and connect with new ones easily. The most fascinating element of social media in the recent years is that it serves as a one-stop solution to all the prominent business activities like lead generation, online booking and customer retention. Online appointment scheduling is the trump card enabling the alchemy. The below article explains how businesses can benefit out of call-to-action and other aided features of social networking pages:

Social Media is as effective as your own site:

A few years ago, business websites and email channels were the only two prominent sourcesfor businesses to receive online bookings. Things have however changed now. With the eventual penetration of social networking platforms, nowadays, a large portion of online bookings are made via Social Media sites, especially Facebook.

Studies state that over 71% customers get enticed with product/service recommendations made on the social media.Businesses that are disciplined to upkeep their social media pages spending a minimum of 5-6 hours a week can easily harvest abundant increase in web traffic. And the social media leaves no stone unturned in facilitating businesses with friendlier, quicker, easy-to-use options.

The social media sites are ever-evolving to adapt to the growing business needs. There are options like Book Now, Shop Now, Messaging that doubles up as live chat plugin, Call Now, among others that simplifies customer experience and save a lot of their time and effort.

Step up your bookings with Social Media:

In this era of impetuous life, people hasten to obtain instant results. Once a customer finds your social media page, he’d search for ways to benefit out of ‘Following’ your page. So, it naturally becomes inescapable to keep your Social Networking pages up-to-the-minute just the way you do to your websites.

Prominent social media sites like Facebook in fact allow call-to-action buttons like ‘Book Now’ which can transform a mere visitor into your potential customer.

Do you believe? A recent study proves that 41% of customers were interested in buying a product discovered on the social media which they earlier never even knew existed.

                       What if your customer is impressed with your services, and decides to contact you through mail/phone call later, or visit your website to place orders, but forgets/skips to do so? Why lose your potential customers? Get the ‘Call-to-action’ feature in the wings on your Social Media page.

Effortless Booking on Social Media:

Customers hardly quit surfing the social media and visit your site to place orders. Make things simple for them and convert all your likely-customers, a ‘Customer’! Give them the Appointment Scheduling Key to place orders right on your social networking page, and you’re done!

Appointment Scheduling Software

An appointment scheduling software is an integrated tool that automates the complete process of appointment scheduling. Booking solution software like Booking Social offers professional services with simple, user-friendly ‘Book Now’ button links which the service provider can add to their social media pages. Some of the quick benefits of integrating appointment scheduling software onto your Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are:

  • A scheduling software entirely cuts down the need for booking through official website
  • Simplest way of online appointment booking that’s hassle-free, quick and user-friendly
  • Improved campaign results for discounts/offers announced on social media
  • Enables making appointments in a jiffy, thus boosting conversion rate


There is no denying to the fact that businesses can see multifold growth with effective usage of social media and optimal utility of the business-friendly features enabled on these platforms. With very little risk, social media helps business reap a lot more profit. You enjoy benefits in different dimensions, and this makes social media, and online appointment booking feature on networking sites indispensable without justserving as an add-on feature.

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