Engage your workforce to collaborate and deliver exceptional service

How do you connect with your customers, partners?

-- Old Way --

-- Our Way --

Bring all your support channels together with Engage package

Every day, we help them offer communities that support critically important business goals across customer support, sales, marketing, and product development.

Key Benefits

Partner Engagement

Connect directly with resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. Enable partners to find the information and experts they need, register new leads, update records, and manage funds.

Provide Stellar Service

Help customers help each other and themselves with powerful community software that allows you to create a rich, self-service experience. Enable your service agents to concentrate on the most complex and impactful issues.

Customer Review

Real reviews from a satisfied customer can shape your business, enhance your reputation and attract new customers.

Key Features


Collaborate your employee like social network, share file , images and videos, increase productivity , promote better ideas

Customer Community

Always connect with your customer, each customer have separate login to manage all their service data

Partner Community

Connect all your stakeholders in one place, for better decision making, your partners stay updated about your company

Case Management

Deliver world-class service by giving your customers one place to get answers. Define ticket priorities and auto assignment rules to make sure all your tickets gets resolved.


Retain your customer in all new way, engage your customer post service and understand their need and schedule for follow up.

Knowledge Base

Create knowledge base for employees and customers, based on category and service type for better business efficiency

Schedule and Dispatch

Powerful scheduling capabilities with auto assignment based on rules. Dispatch your technician in real-time with visibility into current location, status and history of every job.

Sherbet London

Great guys to work with. Listened when we spoke, fed back what we said and really understood what we wanted to achieve.

Murry Geake, Sherbet London

Sherbet London