Manage your business operation by improving productivity and reducing turnaround time

Operations Management Automation

Increase control with automation and configuration management. Control the overall operational process, increase the service quality, increase resource utilization using simplified approach.

Ride roller coaster on the path to success with Operate

Take control of your business by remediating operational issues. Booking Social provides an end-to-end operation management solution that will make resource allocation and utilization a seamless part of everyday business.

Key Benefits

Resource Allocation and Utilization

Assign work request automatically based on various parameters on employee. Leverage Booking Social operation management suite, make your current dispatch system efficient than before.

Customer Information Management

Keep track of critical customer data including visit notes & service history to improve your service and understand your customer behaviour.

Invoicing & Payment

We have Plug and Play Integration with payment gateway companies, which enables us to connect and go live instantly. Whether you want classic upfront payment before scheduling appointment or the modern and flexible book now, pay later approach

Reduce complexity of services through better operation management

Right Resource allocation, assign right employee for better results

Optimize the use of resource effectively and reduce wastage

Features and section

Customer database

Manage all customer data in one place, understand your customer better.

Manage services

Tracking multiple services made easy based on service request from multiple channel ,manage multiple location in centralised control.

Invoice & payments

create service professional invoice , accept online payments , track your finance one place.

Safe and secure

Store your business data in one of the most trusted cloud service , we are running in salesforce platform

Timesheet & tracking

Manage resource utilisation with powerful time tracking feature , set working hour and holiday for all expert.

Data insights

Real time analytics on overall business insights and reports. Insights help to make better decisions making and improve efficiency of business.

Booking Social was the only team I could find that could provide the unique Calender solution within the Salesforce environment that I required. In fact without their solution, I was not willing to move to the Salesforce environment.
Shailendra Singh - Business Manager, Nitai Cosmetics

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