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Steps to improve employee productivity

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Measure chargeable utilization, ensure you define variables that enable you to measure utilization and productivity.

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Employee collaboration for greater success

Share the right information to the right people at the right time for greater success. Engaging business are getting more success and continuous growth.

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Customized health care with patient engagement

People pay more attention and become more engaged in their health and medical care when they have easy access to their health information on cloud.

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No-Show’s: Taking it out of our dictionaries

Research have proved that maintaining a personal relationship with the patients and educating them on the hospital losses had always helped in reducing no-shows.

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Getting Started

Install and setup Booking Social account free trail.

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Account Management

Setup account, services, employees and working hours of business.

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Calendar Management

Customize and configure employee calendar and admin calendar

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Booking Widget

Setup and customize customer facing booking screen.

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Bring all your support channels together

Every day, we help them offer communities that support critically important business goals across customer support, sales, marketing, and product development.