Website Booking

Easy to add "Book Now" button on your website. Turns your website, emails or even your Facebook page into a powerful scheduling platform.

Anytime Booking

Allow your customers to self-schedule appointments anytime from anywhere. Have full control of how and when your customers can book appointments.

Customize Booking Screen

Capture any type of information about your customer with smart capture form. Add any number of fields in your booking form based on your needs.

Webhooks & API

Our Scheduling API and Webhooks resources make it easy for your developers to create custom integrations with any internal and external systems.

Eliminate Doube Booking

Stop your customers from double booking for same service at same time, once appointment is booked for a customer the slot will be blocked for any other users to book.

Intelligent Booking

Assign more than one appointment for same time in the following scenario,

  • Expecting a no-show
  • Appointment require different room or resources
  • Urgent requirement

Classes and Group Events

Allow group booking for services like gym, pilates, etc. Classes or group events allow multiple clients to book an appointment for same time.


Packages allow clients to pay for multiple appointments at once. Setup packages to attract more clients as everyone loves offers.

Employee Calendar

Employees can access and manage their appointments. With the centralized calendar, dispatcher can manage your entire business in one place.

Calendar Integration

Provides two way sync between Salesforce with google calendar, outlook calendar and apple calendar. Employee availability is identified based on all the calendar events.

Service Scheduling and Dispatch

Get right people to deliver right job everytime with our scheduling and dispatch engine. Assign work request automatically based on various parameters on employee.

Auto Scheduling / Assignment

Powerful dispatch engine assigns and dispatches in following ways,

  • One-one appointments(Eg: One to one consultation)
  • Group meetings to allow more people to book one slot(Eg: Yoga, Classes, Events, etc)
  • Round robin distribution between employees(Eg: Call center routing)
  • One-Many appointments by assigning multiple employees to work on single assignment

Manage Hour of Work

Setup working hour and break hour for your employees and allow them to manage their availability. With Booking Social you can allow your employees to work in flexible hours and get work done effectively

Timesheet & tracking

Manage resource utilisation with powerful time tracking feature. Generate weekly and monthly reports of directly from appointments delivery records.


Collaborate your employee like social network, share file , images and videos, increase productivity , promote better ideas.

File Sharing

Share files between your employees and customers with appropriate permissions. You can share file private to you, privately shared, or visible to your entire company.

Email Automation

Send confirmation and reminders emails automatically. Remind the customer of their future appointments at their desk or on the go.

SMS Notification

Send notifications, updates, & reminders about appointments at the right time, every time. Setup SMS templates for appointment notification and reminders on Booking Social.

Self-service Communities

With customer communities and partner communities help you connect with all the people and groups who matter most to your business. Each customer will have separate login to manage all their service data.

Knowledge Base

Create knowledge base for employees and customers, based on category and service type for better business efficiency. Keep your users happy with right information based on subscribed preferences.

Invoice & payments

We have Plug and Play Integration with payment gateway companies, which enables us to connect and go live instantly. Whether you want classic upfront payment before scheduling appointment or the modern and flexible book now, pay later approach.

Case Management

Deliver world-class service by giving your customers one place to get answers. Define ticket priorities and auto assignment rules to make sure all your tickets gets resolved.

Customer Journey

Create 1-to-1 customer journeys across marketing, sales, and service. Deliver a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints, and drive customer satisfaction.

Customer Profiling

Know your customer? Identify your customer characteristics based on past customer interactions and service history within the organization.

Appointment Tracking

Get results across all your engagement channels and measure your advertising ROI. Get 360 degree view of appointment using our appointment tracker in every booking screen.

Analytics Integration

Track and optimize your landing pages using our powerful integrations for popular services, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google AdWords, BingAds.

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